Turkish American Association

Organization: Turkish American Association

Event: The annual cultural celebration of the Republic of Turkey, with Turkish food, drinks, dancing, and a dive into the history of Turkey and its founding father, Ataturk! 

Date & Time: Saturday, October 29, 2022, Event starts at 6:30 PM-10:30 PM. Volunteers need to arrive by 5:30pm! 

Number of volunteers needed: 5-7

What to expect: We need volunteers to help with food & beverage distribution and checking people in! 

Volunteers will distribute appetizer plates, dinner plates, and dessert plates at provided times and make rounds every once in a while with beverage (water and soda) distribution! *volunteers may need to have a food handlers permit to serve food*

What you’ll get: 15 hours on the clock, free full course meal & unlimited beverages (tickets for this event are $50), and a quick lesson in Turkish history! 

Event Program Rough Outline: 

(Volunteers will have a food cart to use to distribute the food so they won’t be carrying the plates out, no heavy labor!) 

We’ll need the volunteers there by 5:45 PM 

Guests will begin to arrive at 6:30 and we will have check in take place from 6:30-7:15-7:30

We will need a couple volunteers to check people in and provide tickets to people for drinks! 

Appetizers will be served around 7:15-7:30 PM

Dinner will be served between 8:00-8:10 PM  

Once all guests have dinner served volunteers will be able to take their seats and also enjoy dinner with us! 

8:45-9 we’ll get the dinner plates out of the way and begin distribution of desserts between 9:00-9:15 

After desserts are served and drinks are refreshed, volunteers may enjoy the event! 

Clear up dessert plates around 10. 

Volunteers may leave shortly after. 

DRESS CODE: Because this is a formal event, we kindly ask that volunteers wear a white blouse/button up/top with black pants and close toed shoes for safety! Also please keep long hair tied back! 

Additional work: 

We may need volunteer help set the tables and rinse glassware and plates! (not wash, just rinse to remove food scraps). 

Please contact Isabella Duman at ipek.duman58@gmail.com , or 918-841-1541 for any questions!! 

Thanks so much!!