Teachers Appreciation Gift

For any teacher of your choosing, and its not limited to just teachers, it can be a counselor or a principal, you can write a letter of appreciation to them. If you can, bring along some kind of small snack to go along with it, be it a candy bar or small back of chips. If you are unable to provide the snack that is perfectly fine, the club will provide that for the teacher if needed.

Please bring the gifts & letters to Mr. McCown’s room.

Letter and Gift (max of 3 for both):

  • Thank you letter (.5 points)
  • Snack (.5 points)

Letter Requirements:

  • Please add your first and last name on the back or front of the letter so we can keep track of the points. If you want to anonymously send a letter of appreciation that is fine too, just make sure to message me at https://www.remind.com/join/keyclubgov so you can get your points.
  • The teacher’s name should be on the front with her room number on the corner.

(Please note that the letter is the main priority, the points for the snack will not be accounted for without the letter to go along with it).

The letter and gifts will be due by November 13th, since we are wanting to have it delivered the week before thanksgiving break.